Upcoming talks

Ka Nok dancer, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Photo by Tani Sebro





March 6, 2019

Public Presentation at the Peace Research Institute in Oslo (PRIO)

Title: Aesthetic Nationalism: The Dance of War and Exile along the Thai-Myanmar Border

In this PRIO Centre on Culture and Violent Conflict seminar Tani H. Sebro, Miami University, will present her research on performance and cultural practices amongst refugees along the Thai-Myanmar border. Marte Nilsen, PRIO, will provide comments and Cindy Horst, PRIO, will chair the event.

Link to video of talk:

March 16, 2019

Public Presentation at Myanmar Update, Australia National University, Canberra, Australia

Title: Precarious Humanitarianism: Geoeconomic Hope and Geopolitical Fear in Myanmar’s Borderlands

March 24, 2019

Conference Presentation at the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) in Denver, CO.

Title: Migrant or Traveler? The Touristic Mobilities of South-South Travel in the Thai-Myanmar Border-Zone

April 18-20

Conference Presentation at the Western Political Science Association (WPSA) in San Diego, CA. 

Title: Gesture, Movement, and Silence: The Aesthetics of Forced Displacement along the Thai-Myanmar Border.