pencilsMy pedagogical approach and teaching philosophy contain three main aims: 1) that students learn to apply concepts and theories learned in the classroom by conducting individually relevant and focused research projects; 2) that students learn to think about politics in a comparative and critical way by using case studies and by engaging in written and oral critiques; 3) and finally, that students are expected to learn to identify the workings of power in various forms, including power in language, in institutions, and in daily life.

The ability to analyze power effectively, to ask critical questions about authority and legitimacy, are central to a robust understanding of politics.

Courses Taught:

Miami University

            GIC 101 Introduction to Global and Intercultural Studies

            ITS/ATH 301 Intercultural Relations

GIC 360/ITS 365 Global Migrations 

University of Hawai`i at Mānoa

POLS 341 Politics of Media (Media and The Nation)

POLS 390 Political Inquiry and Analysis (Critical Methodologies)

POLS 110 Introduction to Political Science

POLS 374 Law, Politics and Society (TA)

POLS 376 Constitutional Law II (TA)