Migrant Voices Project

The Migrant Voices Project

The Migrant Voices Project documents the experience of exile through digital storytelling, collaborative ethnography, participant observation, and in-depth interviews. We traveled to the Thai-Myanmar borderlands to record the autoethnographic narratives of migrants who have fled from Myanmar to neighboring Thailand.

Myanmar is currently in the midst of the world’s longest ongoing civil war and it is estimated that approximately 3 million Burmese have fled to neighboring countries like Thailand. Many migrants live in one of the “temporary shelter” areas along the Thai-Myanmar border and fear deportation, the looming threat of return as well as the precarious conditions they face as refugees and migrant in the borderlands.

From Dr. Tani Sebro: “While conducting fieldwork in Upland Southeast Asia amongst a group of Burmese refugees called the Tai from 2014-2015, I discovered that the most powerful stories came from the refugee’s own re-tellings of their lives. Yet often their stories go unheard in favor of official accounts from governmental, non-governmental and international relief organizations. The purpose of the project is to give voice back to the migrants themselves, to allow them to tell their life stories in order to educate migrant scholars, NGO workers, government agencies and students about the complex lives of migrants.”

The Migrant Voices Project received the 2017 Digital Humanities Center grant from the Humanities Center at Miami University and is supervised by Assistant Professor of Global and Intercultural Studies, Dr. Tani Sebro.

For more information visit: https://migrantvoices.lib.miamioh.edu/