My current book project, Aesthetic Nationalism: The Dance of War and Exile along the Thai-Myanmar Border, addresses the relationship between nationalism, aesthetics and mobility amongst Burmese refugees. I critique traditional iterations of the nation as constituted through the interaction between capitalism and print, by instead attending to the complex transmission of what can be called “aesthetic nationalisms,” which involve embodied performances and cultural practices that constitute the body-politic.

My next research project develops the concept of necromobility through an analysis of mortality, mobility and the right of return in global refugee movements. In particular, this project involves collaborative ethnographic research, as well as the collection of life narratives from refugee populations in Thailand, Norway and in the United States, where death is the cause, threat or outcome of displacement.

Chiang Mai, Thailand



Sebro, Tani. (In progress). Aesthetic Nationalism: The Dance of War and Exile along the Thai-Myanmar Border.

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Special Issues

Special Issue of Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies: “Dancing Under the Shadow of the Nation.” Guest Editors: Arshiya Sethi & Tani Sebro (Accepted, forthcoming 2019).

 Current Projects

Mary Mostafanezhad, Roger Norum and Tani Sebro. (R&R). Precarious Humanitarianism: Geoeconomic Hope and Geopolitical Fear in Myanmar’s Borderlands.”

Sebro, Tani and Jordan Hallbauer. (R&R). “The Geopolitics of South-South Tourism Mobility in Myanmar and Nicaragua.” In The Geopolitics of Tourism: Assemblages of Power, Mobility and the State. Mary Mostafanezhad, Matilde Cordoba Azcarate and Roger Norum (eds.). University of Arizona Press.